Range algorithms, views, and actions for the Standard Library
ranges::views::take_while_fn Struct Reference
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constexpr take_while_fn take_while {}

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- Public Member Functions inherited from ranges::views::take_while_base_fn
template<typename Rng , typename Pred >
requires viewable_range<Rng> && input_range<Rng> && indirect_unary_predicate<Pred &, iterator_t<Rng>>
constexpr take_while_view< all_t< Rng >, Pred > operator() (Rng &&rng, Pred pred) const
template<typename Rng , typename Pred , typename Proj >
requires viewable_range<Rng> && input_range<Rng> && indirect_unary_predicate<composed<Pred, Proj> &, iterator_t<Rng>>
constexpr take_while_view< all_t< Rng >, composed< Pred, Proj > > operator() (Rng &&rng, Pred pred, Proj proj) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ranges::views::take_while_bind_fn
template<typename Pred , typename Proj >
requires (!range<Pred>)
constexpr auto operator() (Pred &&pred, Proj proj) const
template<typename Pred >
constexpr auto operator() (Pred pred) const