Range algorithms, views, and actions for the Standard Library
ranges::views::remove_fn Struct Reference

Synopsis of methods

constexpr view< remove_fnremove {}

Public Member Functions

template<typename Rng , typename Value >
constexpr auto operator() (Rng &&rng, Value value) const requires move_constructible< Value > &&viewable_range< Rng > &&input_range< Rng > &&indirectly_comparable< iterator_t< Rng >
template<typename Rng , typename Value , typename Proj >
constexpr auto operator() (Rng &&rng, Value value, Proj proj) const requires move_constructible< Value > &&viewable_range< Rng > &&input_range< Rng > &&indirectly_comparable< iterator_t< Rng >

Public Attributes

constexpr auto const Value equal_to
constexpr auto const Value Proj

Member Data Documentation

◆ equal_to

constexpr auto const Value ranges::views::remove_fn::equal_to
Initial value:
return remove_if(static_cast<Rng &&>(rng), pred<Value>{std::move(value)})

◆ Proj

constexpr auto const Value ranges::views::remove_fn::Proj
Initial value:
return remove_if(static_cast<Rng &&>(rng),
constexpr action< remove_if_fn > remove_if
Definition: remove_if.hpp:64
constexpr move_fn move
Definition: move.hpp:50