Range algorithms, views, and actions for the Standard Library
ranges::views::for_each_fn Struct Reference


Lazily applies an unary function to each element in the source range that returns another range (possibly empty), flattening the result.

Synopsis of methods

constexpr view< for_each_fnfor_each {}

Public Member Functions

template<typename Rng , typename Fun >
constexpr auto operator() (Rng &&rng, Fun fun) const requires viewable_range< Rng > &&transformable_range< Rng

Public Attributes

constexpr auto Fun && joinable_range< transform_view< all_t< Rng >, Fun > >

Member Data Documentation

◆ joinable_range< transform_view< all_t< Rng >, Fun > >

constexpr auto Fun&& ranges::views::for_each_fn::joinable_range< transform_view< all_t< Rng >, Fun > >
Initial value:
return join(transform(static_cast<Rng &&>(rng), std::move(fun)))
_t< detail::transform_< list< Args... > >> transform
Return a new meta::list constructed by transforming all the elements in L with the unary invocable Fn...
Definition: meta.hpp:1823
constexpr move_fn move
Definition: move.hpp:50
apply< quote< concat >, ListOfLists > join
Joins a list of lists into a single list.
Definition: meta.hpp:1754