Range algorithms, views, and actions for the Standard Library
ranges::reference_wrapper< T > Struct Template Reference
+ Inheritance diagram for ranges::reference_wrapper< T >:

Public Types

using reference = meta::if_< std::is_reference< T >, T, T & >
using type = meta::_t< std::remove_reference< T > >

Public Member Functions

constexpr reference get () const noexcept
constexpr operator reference () const noexcept
template<typename... >
requires (!std::is_rvalue_reference<T>::value)
constexpr operator std::reference_wrapper< type > () const noexcept
template<typename ... Args>
constexpr auto operator() (Args &&...args) noexcept(noexcept(decltype(CPP_AUTO_FUN_RETURNS_const,)(CPP_AUTO_FUN_RETURNS_const,))) -> decltype(CPP_AUTO_FUN_RETURNS_const,)
template<typename U >
requires (!same_as<uncvref_t<U>, reference_wrapper>) && constructible_from<base_, U>
constexpr reference_wrapper (U &&u) noexcept(std::is_nothrow_constructible< base_, U >::value)