Range algorithms, views, and actions for the Standard Library
ranges::views::sample_fn Member List

This is the complete list of members for ranges::views::sample_fn, including all inherited members.

operator()(Size n, URNG &urng=detail::get_random_engine()) const requires integral< Size > &&uniform_random_bit_generator< URNG > (defined in ranges::views::sample_fn)ranges::views::sample_fn
operator()(Rng &&rng, range_difference_t< Rng > sample_size, URNG &generator=detail::get_random_engine()) const -> sample_view< all_t< Rng >, URNG > requires viewable_range< Rng > &&input_range< Rng > &&uniform_random_bit_generator< URNG > &&convertible_to< invoke_result_t< URNG & >, range_difference_t< Rng >> &&(sized_range< Rng >||sized_sentinel_for< sentinel_t< Rng >, iterator_t< Rng >>||forward_range< Rng >) (defined in ranges::views::sample_base_fn)ranges::views::sample_base_fn
sample (defined in ranges::views::sample_fn)ranges::views::sample_fnrelated